There are so may dogs and cats that need help and never get it.
Then there are the ones we try to help and it's not enough.

We are devastated over the loss of Cupcake, one of Sunshine's 12 week old kittens. We lost her at the Vet after her foster noticed her becoming weak an brought her in. She was stabilized and was to be discharged, but suddenly passed unexpectantly. Run free little one, we will always love you.


Grayson (Racin' Grayson)

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we update our sweet Grayson. After a battle with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia, his fight is over and he is at peace. He crossed the rainbow bridge in the loving arms of his mom and foster mom. We are devastated by this loss and will miss him dearly. We will all carry you and your sweet smile in our hearts forever. It's because of you Grayson, that 4 Lucky Dogs will continue our mission to save as many sweet souls like you. We will love you forever... 

The "General"

It is with very heavy hearts that we share this news. Run free sweet angel. 

RIP, General

Today we cry a little but we also celebrate the life of the General. After a recent series of what were probably small mini-strokes, the General let us know that it was finally time to let him run to the rainbow bridge without pain. He had joy, fun and love in the home of his first foster mom Theresa, and then his Key West hospice foster family. He was kissed and loved every day, and he ha d more friends than he ever knew. His Key West brothers Buoy and Bolo were there with him every step of the way. He was mentally and physically challenged every day and he displayed a will to live every day as well. And live he did! He ate well, drank well, and laid in the warm healing rays of the Key West Sun. He did puzzles with his foster mom every day, and had numerous 2-legged and 4-legged friends come to visit him. When he could no longer walk the perimeter of his home every day, all who loved him, made the decision to let him go to a place where his perimeter is endless. 

We cannot thank his foster parents Dana Lynne and Brett, enough for taking him on this warm and incredibly loving journey. To all of our 4LD friends and neighbors in Key West who supported his journey, to the vets and staff who tried to heal a lifetime, to his laser therapists who certainly helped to ease his pain, we are humbled by the generosity and outpouring of love for this guy. He salutes you all for letting him go out with dignity, and for helping him live life to the fullest, as every dog should. 

The General went home today...and 4LD's Queenie and Grayson were waiting for him. And they ran....