Animal Success Stories
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We were so excited that one of our former adopters wanted to be repeat customers of our rescue and adopt our Zena girl! Sadie Mae was adopted by the Locheads as one of our very first dogs, and it was a perfect fit! It has been amazing watching her grow over the past year, and receive such a good life and lots of love. Now Zena is going to be just as LUCKY as Sadie Mae! Better yet, these two girls hit it off right away! We are so happy for sweet little Zena!

Sadie & Lexi

Lucky Dogs Sadie and her sister Lexi have hit the jackpot with Trinity Ann Marsh Gonzalez and her husband Daniel! Trinity and Daniel already had a pair of older sister dogs, Molly and Jazzy. By adding another pair of sisters to the family there are now 4 Lucky Dogs in this household! Thank you both so much for adopting! It is clear how much these girls are loved!


Another Happy Adoption this weekend!! Our sweet Toby boy has finally found his perfect forever home!! Happy life sweet boy!!!


We are truly blessed to find the most amazing fosters and adopters. Rugby has been officially adopted today by Linda and Mel Brunet. They fostered him through his HW treatment and will give Rugby the amazing life he deserves! Thank you to Linda and Mel, and happy life sweet Rugby now Buster!!


Sometimes as a rescuer you get a dog and you say, I'm keeping this dog because he fits in perfectly with your family. Jack was that kind of dog. Perfect in every way. Lived his entire life for 7 years with his family and then they couldn't keep him, and surrendered him to be a Lucky dog. We thought, why place him in a new home and disrupt him again? His foster mom just lost her senior dog and it seemed perfect...until the day a former adopter Kym saw his pic and felt it was time to get our sweet Ani aka Olivia a buddy. Well, we could not have found the more perfect fit with this family! They are great supporters and are just the perfect doggie parents. Kym and the Rivellini family made Jack and Ani's wishes all come true!! Happy life Jack and Ani! You are two very special Lucky Dogs!!

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