4 Lucky Dogs Adoption Process

4 Lucky Dogs Pet Rescue (4LD) is a foster-based rescue with no shelter or facility to view our dogs. Our address is a mailing address only. 4LD rescue dogs are in loving foster homes throughout West-Central Florida. For example, Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Manatee County, and Pasco County.

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   Steps that Occur for Adoption  

  1. APPLICATION -– Applicant(s) fill out below questionnaire/application. We ask that you complete all questions that apply to your situation because missing answers will slow down the process and may cause your application to be overlooked.
  2. REVIEW -– 4LD review committee will sort through all the applications. Based on answers along with feedback from the foster mother/father they will indicate what they believe to be good candidates.
    • This could happen within a day or could take several days depending on how many apps are received, what other dogs have applications to be reviewed, and volunteers’ availability to do so.
  3. PHONE INTERVIEW -– Selected candidates whose answers closely match the pet's personality and needs will be called for a phone interview.
    • Applicant may be asked follow-up questions by the 4LD representative . He/she may also be asked for driver's license and birth date if background check is needed.
    • As a potential adopter you will have an opportunity to ask verbal questions about the pet that may not have been covered in the description.
    • 4LD may request applicant to send videos of the home for us to get a preview before the official in-person meeting.
  4. HOME CHECK -– Once the committee narrows down to a few candidates 4LD representatives will conduct home checks to make sure it is correct environment for this pet to be placed there.
  5. MEET ‘ N GREET – A meeting with the specific pet will be set up.
    • The selected applicant will get to see if right match for their family and with the other dog(s) if there are ones also living in the same house.
    • This is also a way for 4LD to see how receptive the rescue pet is to his/her new potential “people”.
  6. PAPERWORK AND PAYMENT -– When 4LD feels they have found the right match, and when the potential adopter(s) feels this is the right pet for them, the process moves to the next step. The adopter will sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee.
  7. TRIAL -– The rescue dog will go to live with his/her new family and the bonding begins. We usually say the trial lasts about three days for the adjustment to take place. The adopter(s) can let 4LD know at any time during the trial when the pet is a “definite YES we are keeping him/her” or ask for a trial extension if more time is needed.
  8. RETURN IF NEEDED (we hope not) -– The main concern of the 4LD is the welfare of the pet and that he/she is living in the perfect home environment where he/she is welcomed and loved. If for any reason the pet does not work out in the placed home the pet can be returned to a 4 Lucky Dogs foster home. We will then call other applicants or re-post the pet to get him/her into the proper home. 


  • 4LD does not select the adopter based on who applied first or number of applications submitted by the same person – we choose the best home environment matching that dog's needs.
  • 4LD is located in Florida and does not do out-of-state adoptions at this time.
  • 4LD reserves the right to deny any application based on answers to the questions or for any reason.
  • 4LD adoption fee includes microchipped, spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, dewormed, up to date on all vaccines, and rabies shot. It will vary by pet depending on age, medical issues, or training needs so please check the amount associated with each pet.
  • 4LD accepts check, cash, and some online vendors. The method of payment will be a factor in the adoption fee because the processing fees taken out by the companies Venmo and PayPal will need to be added onto it.

VENMO: @Lucky4DogsPetRescue

PAYPAL: http://www.paypal.me/4LuckyDogsPetRescue

"DONATION 4 THE NEXT": We will gladly accept any extra donation that you may want to give above the adoption fee to help us with additional dogs waiting to come into the rescue, as we are often upside down in costs spent our dogs. Thanks so much for your support and for rescuing a dog!!